Investing In Fantasy Driver Software

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Focus Areas


Our software for consumers is low cost and high quality offering some of our IPs for free. With mobile and desktop concentrations we allow consumers to have fixable options for our applications. To keep cost at a minimum we also allow consumers to donate in support of the application(s) they are using.

Business 2 Business

Supplying software based services and custom made products to other business are our primary source of revenue. This isn't limited to software as we often include implementation of hardware and networking standups. Hosting is also an available service which generates reciprocal income.


Government contracts and bids are few within a fiscal year, however they serve as a high yield, high returns when we do win. The experience and compliance upkeep with being a government contractor makes us more adaptable and efficient as we apply these skills to other areas.


Revenue from Consumers, Business and Government contracts will fuel the long term growth of FDS and at a calculated point will create the Corporation GCE (Guyton Compass Enterprises).

Guyton Compass Enterprises becomes the umbrella over other subsidiaries. After the creation of GCE we will focus on expanding our base operational net by investing in real-estate, developmental properties, consumables, raw materials and transportation.

Expanding base operation is important to give the leverage of create subsidiaries. From non-profits to energy focused engineering, we have an outline for our growth over the long haul.



As GCE is established this will allow us to take into other areas of interest.

Nexus Engineering

Specializing in renewable-energy, Nexus Engineering will be at the forefront of renewable technology.

Technology For All (non-profit)

We believe that all families and individuals should have basic access to the internet. Like Google's own efforts for free access, our vision is to supply families and individuals with the hardware and network necessary to obtain and keep internet access.

Community Solutions Network

Solutions Network goes a bit farther in helping the community. It will offer aid to individuals and families in the form of grants, 1% loans, legal-consultation, counseling, job skill training, financial-education and more.

GCE Real Estate

Taking our revenue and investing it wisely in properties, housing and land will aid the bottom line and create resources for other areas within GCE.

FDS Interactive

An Incorporation of FDS, FDS Interactive will be our foot in the billion dollar video game industry. Using our already masterful skills in application development, FDS Interactive will prove successful with the steady pace of quality, detail and immersive story-lines that will rival novels and movies alike.

Your Part

Your investment puts you in the front row. In some instances, it will give you naming rights, ROI and first hand knowledge of any of our breakthroughs.

You become a part of a company that concentrates on growth, not solely for market footprint or profits but to empower its employees, uplift the surrounding community and make a positive impact on the environment and humanity as a whole.

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