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OFM 1.4 Pro Installer - 0021E25E842BD74C9A6379B1ABBCBF96
OFM 1.4 Pro Update - 59F14D16F34BB5DF19FC47D803AC7C4F
OFM 1.4 Pro Portable (.zip) - B47D1764B362FBBAA42A3BB231604B6D

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"Oops! File Manager Free Edition is a lightweight, reliable application that helps you perform backup copies of important files from your computer."

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Just some of OFM's amazing features:

  • Restoring of individual files
  • Log viewing and tracking
  • Tracking of monitored files
  • Bank-level AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Monitor an unlimited number of files and folders
  • Monitor unlimited file size
  • No Ads
  • No Bloatware
  • Monitor network drives, files and folders
  • Monitor entire folders at a time
  • Monitor new files and deletions
  • Check files for changes immediately
  • Schedule repeating task from 2 minutes to 1 Week
  • Ability to move the backup directory

Change Log

Update 1.4

Hotfix Notice for 1.3.3

Update 1.3.3

  • Encryption enhancements for Pro version

  • Google Drive support added: now connect your Google Drive folder to OFM with just a few clicks. (you must have Google Drive installed on your PC) As OFM backups files it automatically send a copy to Google Drive. If you are worried about space we also put in a Quota setting to manage how much space OFM takes up.

    The encryption process will not encrypt backups to Google Drive. Enabling or disabling Google Drive support will not affect the normal backup routines. The Quota system for Google Drive will not continuously backup (keeping the quota), instead, once the quota is reached the backup process will stop. When the quota is reached, the event will be logged regardless if you have "log errors" enabled or not.

Update 1.3

  • Enhanced UI with more modern look

  • Quicker file monitoring with faster hashing

  • Pro Version users get the ability to encrypt their backup files with AES 256-bit encryption! Just set a master password in the menu and follow the prompts. This new Bank-Level encryption feature will make us stand out for sure.

Update 1.2.7

  • Added more enhancements to the error catching and reporting feature.

Update 1.2.5

  • Added more UI friendly features. Simplified error logging and reporting enhancements.

Update 1.2.2

  • Auto Update is here! Now OFM will check for updates automatically. This will also give you the option to download the update. This feature is on all versions of OFM.

  • Fixed some more issues with "View Monitored Files" window.

  • Added more UI friendly features. Patch

  • Fixes the issue with duplicate files showing up in the "View Monitored Files" window.

  • Major Fix! Now checks to see if backup folder exist and creates it if it does not exist. In some rare cases the backup folder would not get created on install.

1.2.1 Patch

  • This quick patch fixes the issue with searching for files in the "View Monitored Files" window.

1.2.0 Patch

  • Auto Backup!: The OFM DB, the same DB that holds all the info for all the files being backed up, now backups itself automatically. Once a week the OFM DB will make a copy of itself in the OFM backup folder. Future version will have an optional time set for the auto backup.

  • A little more organized: The View Monitored Files window now has a Last Modified column which is displayed descending by last modified by default.

  • New Preference Option: In OFM Preferences we have added a new option called, Log Errors. By default Log Errors is enabled, however by unchecking Log Errors you can speed up the time it takes to check files and minimize the number of times it has to write to the DB.

Version 1.1.5 Notes

  • Error Reporting: Reporting an error is made simple with the additional form that populates in the event of an error that was unexpected. You will have the choice to report it or keep going.

  • The Installer: New and improved. The installer is completely new, this time offering an even faster install time. This also means that updating is easier as well. Avoid overwriting your OFM Database! If you are updating to version 1.1.5 please wait for the email (if you purchased Standard or Pro) or if you have the free version update HERE

  • Give Standard or Professional a try! Come on, most people spend more than $8.99 on lunch...

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